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Updates from ASB Food Justice Trip 2012

, March 30th, 2012

The Food Justice trip was an amazing learning experience. It was encouraging to meet such a diverse group of people who were also interested in food justice and sustainability. Everyone was so cooperative and maintained such a positive energy even through all the technical difficulties. I learned a lot more about issues of food justice thanks to speakers like Seung Hee Lee, who heads the Baltimore Healthy Carryouts Project, and Rachel Yong, who works on health intervention programs for kids. They spoke to us about the different methods used to approach the Baltimore community and implementation of healthy choices. And when we visited Lexington Market, we were able to see their work in progress. Just as we were told, there were green leaves posted on many carryout store menus indicating the healthier food options. The documentaries we watched over the week, like Food, Inc., The Garden, and Forks Over Knives left lasting impressions. These movies swept through a wide range of topics including the politics of the food industry and the healing powers of plant-based diets. Throughout the week, the group also visited various sites like Blue Jay’s Perch at JHU Eastern campus, Baltimore Free Farm, Real Food Farm, Moveable Feast, the church of Our Guardian Angel and DCCK. The greening activities gave me further insight into the process of sustainability and greening, while the kitchen activities reminded me of the great need for service and resources in the community. I had so much fun and I was also amazed at all the work the group had completed by the end of each work day. It was exhausting but everyone was so eager to help out!

Volunteer Shifts

, March 16th, 2012

Spring 2011 Volunteer Opportunities!


Cooking Prep Shift- 5:30-7:00pm, Come to the Franciscan Center, to help chop and prepare fresh produce for use in daily meals!

*  Meet at the Center for Social Concern, 3103 North Charles Street at 5:15pm if you need transportation. *


Cooking  Shift at Church of the Guardian Angel: 5:00-7:00pm, Help prepare and serve a meal for 30 clients at this local community church in Remington.

*Meet at Levering (in front of the vending machines in Levering Lounge) at 4:30pm to leave for the Church*

Note to students: you DO NOT NEED to know how to cook – we have recipes prepared and shift leader(s) available for instructions.

Note to faculty and staff: you are especially invited to join us for this shift to help prepare a meal and eat with Remington community members. Contact us at to hear more about how you can help.


Nutrition Education classes at Waverly Middle School: 12pm-3:00pm,Assist in nutritional education classes for 6th-8th graders. You’ll be leading groups of 5-15 students with new recipes (prepared) every week.

*  Meet at the Center for Social Concern, 3103 North Charles Street at 11:30am if you need transportation. *

Note to students: you DO NOT NEED to know how to cook – we ask you to be prepared to work with (pre)teenagers though.



**To sign up for a shift e-mail

with your name,cell phone number and which shift you would like**


In addition, there will be volunteer opportunities to help with garden maintenance for our campus garden  as well as visits to farms to glean local produce for our community partners.

To learn more about these opportunities,!



Celebrating Service: Americorps Week– March 11th-17th

, March 15th, 2012

Volunteers are the driving force behind each Campus Kitchen. Every day, they help produce and distribute meals to those in need all across the country, utilizing their time and talents to serve. While service for many may just be a one time or weekly occurrence, for others, service is much more.

This week we are celebrating Americorps Week and recognizing the long tradition of individuals who go one step further and donate a whole year to support the mission to dismantle poverty and hunger across the nation. There are over 10 Americorps members serving through DC Central Kitchen and The Campus Kitchens Project this year alone!

These individuals work on job training, nutrition education, community development, street-level outreach, data analysis,  food resourcing, partnership development and much more to build the capacity of their organization or institution. Their work has supported DC Central Kitchen and CKP by reaching individuals, developing connections and strengthening the communities within which they serve.

If you are interested in learning more about long term service, check out opportunities at

March Matchness is here!!

, March 13th, 2012

Check out our March Matchness page for 2012.  You can help by viewing our page and clicking ‘like’.  Also, if you have a few bucks that you would like to throw our way, it would also be greatly appreciated.  Every little bit helps!!  Thank you!!!

The Kansas Hunger Dialogue

, March 12th, 2012

The 2nd annual Kansas Hunger Dialogue took place this past week in Overland Park, KS. The innovative conference brought together 21 Kansas Colleges and Universities from across the state to talk about what steps Kansas institutions of higher education should take to create awareness, action and advocacy to eliminate hunger at home and abroad.

This year, the dialogue focused on the systemic issues of hunger and the over 120 students, faculty and staff were challenged to think beyond the typical models of fighting hunger, searching for ways that their institutions can use their assets to leverage policy and create large-scale change. Participants from two-year community colleges and larger four-year universities alike were challenged to transition their ways of thinking about hunger from “relief to development.” By leveraging their assets to address issues such as the Farm Bill, school lunch and breakfast programs, farm to school initiatives and immigration, schools were asked to increase their commitment to fighting hunger from a more holistic approach.

CKP had the honor of being part of the conference and was able to share with the schools ways to expand their community partnerships and better understand the assets they already have. The Kansas Hunger Dialogue is a unique conference that hopefully can be replicated by other states wanting to bring people together who are passionate and ready to solve the problem of hunger.

It was also announced at the conference that Universities Fighting World Hunger will be holding their 2013 Summit in Kansas due to the success and commitment of Kansas institutions of higher education participating at the Dialogue. The vision of Universities Fighting World Hunger is to be a catalyst mobilizing universities across the nation and around the globe to make fighting hunger a core value of high education institutions worldwide.

Spring Break at CKMU!

, March 6th, 2012

Updated Spring Break Schedule for next week:

Monday- Cooking (noon-4), Delivery (2-3:30pm)

Tuesday- Cooking (noon-4), Delivery (11:15-12:30 & 3:15pm-?)

Wednesday- Possible Cooking (noon-4), Delivery (10-12:30 & 2-3pm)

Thursday- Delivery (3pm-?)

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Depending on the volunteer/leader situation, the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Deliveries (those are both HeartLove Place) could be just drop-offs or they may be stay and serve.  Check back for an update…


Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City makes big impact at ‘Farm to School’ conference

, March 1st, 2012

Atlantic City @ Chilli Cook-off

This past weekend, the Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City (CKAtlC) presented at the New Jersey Farm to School Network Winter Conference, which took place in Atlantic City, NJ. The conference brought together a collaboration of K-12 schools, community groups, non-profits, businesses, higher education and statewide organizations, all of whom are working to bring good food to all NJ citizens.

CKAtlC represents a unique Campus Kitchen model because instead of only being associated with one school, the kitchen operates with five community partners, including: Stockton College, the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cap Community College, the Atlantic City Board of Education, Sodexo Food Services, and the Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club.

It was a powerful presentation as representatives from each of the five partners spoke about the program’s success and impact in the community. Additionally, representatives from the CKP National Office, the Atlantic City Food Bank, Atlantic City High School volunteers, and Atlantic City residents talked about CKPAtlC’s importance.

Some highlights included hearing about the mentoring role that many of the Academy of Culinary Arts students have taken on for the Atlantic City High School volunteers in the kitchen.

The audience also heard from people who receive meals from CKPAtlC, one of whom is now a student at the Academy of Culinary Arts thanks to connections made through CKPAtlC.

It was very impactful to see all the many components of CKAtlC together, and they left a great impression on the audience at the conference.

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