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TurkeyPalooza 2012

, November 21st, 2012

I love when I hear something from out of the blue that brings an exact focus to my life at that moment, as though the universe was conspiring for me to hear those words at just that time…and it happened again this morning.

The last few weeks at CKMU have been consumed by the preparation of TurkeyPalooza, our annual Thanksgiving meal-making extravaganza.  Gathering supplies, sourcing food, organizing volunteers and turkey, turkey, turkey forever on the brain.  It was one of those busy times where my end goal is sometimes just to get through it.  The stress of pulling everything together at just the right time.  And this morning (our last day of TurkeyPalooza deliveries) on my drive in to campus, I heard these words by Kathleen Norris, and it all came into focus:

 “Love can be at the center of all things, if only we will keep it there”

All told, TurkeyPalooza 2012 was a smashing success.  Not just because we provided 450 meals to our friends and neighbors in the community.  Not just because we had 7 new volunteers join us in the kitchen for the first time with plans of returning in the future.  Not just because we finished an hour earlier than expected.  While those are all awesome reasons why it was a success, TurkeyPalooza was a success because at the center of our work throughout the event was love.  Every scooped out squash and slice of pie was made with love and caring for the guest who would be nourished.  Homemade breadcrumbs were made into stuffing like my mom has made for as long as I can remember.  And mashed potatoes just like the ones I make at my family gatherings.  As we worked together to provide something special, we were also reminded of the love around our own family tables and put that into the meals we were preparing.

As TurkeyPalooza winds down, I am re-energized.  I am grateful for the work that I am so lucky to get to do – bringing people together in concern for one another.  Additionally, I am grateful for the folks that make it happen.  My Leadership Team is the best, for they have fostered this feeling in the shifts that they lead, and it reaches every volunteer who comes in our door.  At the center of our kitchen is love, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Happy Thanksgiving!

TurkeyPalooza is coming! TurkeyPalooza is coming!!

, November 7th, 2012

Join us for TurkeyPalooza 2012!!  Sign up here for a shift or to get more information.  We already have a lot of volunteers signed up, so get your name on the list before the shift you want fills up.  Everything starts at our kitchen (725 N 18th Street, O’Donnell Hall, north entrance).  Join us and get your turkey on!

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