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Reflecting on our 3 Millionth Meal

, December 2nd, 2016


This Thanksgiving, we are feeling especially grateful to be part of a movement– a growing network of hunger fighters, who not only care about bringing healthy meals to our neighbors who need them the most, but about building a more sustainable food system that values the food we produce and does not waste our precious resources.

Today, we reached a milestone: together, we have served over 3 million healthy, balanced meals. Together, we have ensured that hard-working families don’t need to worry about where their next meal will come from. That low-income seniors don’t need to choose between paying their heating bill and buying groceries. That children can focus on learning and not on an empty stomach.

And right now, at a time of year associated with eating a meal with family, Campus Kitchens are making sure that no one is left behind. In our “TurkeyPalooza” celebration, Campus Kitchens went above and beyond to provide a special meal for their clients, to make sure that Thanksgiving is a time when they know how much our students appreciate them.

Whether it’s the Campus Kitchen at Kent State University making 250 homemade pies to add to their 1,500+ meals, or the Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston enlisting the help of student athletes and academic departments across their campus to make an extra 250 take-home grocery bags, or the Campus Kitchen at Elon University partnering with their dining service to double their meal production from 800 to over 1600 meals, Campus Kitchens are always looking for ways to do more for their communities.

As we celebrate these achievements, large and small, we know that we still have an uphill journey ahead of us, and a commitment to fight hunger not only with meals, but also with effective programs that will break the cycle of hunger and poverty for good. But we can feel hope in knowing that we have paved a new way forward, and the road keeps getting wider as more and more people join the movement.

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