Meet CKP’s New Intern, David!

David Ajamy II joined The Campus Kitchens Project as an intern in January 2018. David is a junior at Wake Forest University studying Political & International Affairs with the Campus Kitchen since he arrived at Wake Forest. From an active volunteer to a shift leader, and most recently the PR director, David has found himself a home with CKWFU. David’s passions include farming and working on the ground with people in work involving food justice.

It seems a lot easier looking back than it was looking forward. As I find myself working with The Campus Kitchens Project (CKP) as an intern, I think back to times when where I am now seemed out of reach, even unthinkable. In my youth, my family suffered from extreme poverty much of my life, resulting in us being homeless for a large portion of time when growing up. While we haven’t escaped poverty even now, times are much better. Nonetheless, my past did and will always shape me. It was because of my past that I found The Campus Kitchens Project. Sadly though, it wasn’t until I was able to work with the organization that I found it. Prior to coming to Wake Forest University, I had no idea about the home I was going to find with CKWFU. A place where I could give back and help my fellow Winston-Salemites. A place with people who cared not just for me, but for the greater community and food justice. Going on my third year with the CKWFU, I have found not just community but found my calling in fighting for food justice.

But to find my calling, my family and I had to struggle. While being hungry is something we all know, being hungry and having nothing to eat is all together something unimaginable unless you live it. It’s something I will never forget, days where there truly was nothing to eat, and it’s because of those days that I found myself working with the Campus Kitchen at Wake Forest University.

Being able to help Winston-Salem and the community I was raised in through my work with the CKWFU is one of the most powerful things for me. Meeting the people of my city, and not just helping but creating a bond with the community is something that brings me a joyous feeling that words can’t describe. As a junior now studying in DC, I knew I had to try and work for the organization that gave me a home while at university. Luckily, I was given the chance to work with CKP for the semester, and while only a couple weeks into my internship, I feel at home. I know I am with people who want to change the world and that gives me hope. And I hope in my time here, I can bring a fresh perspective since I am straight from a Campus Kitchen and now at headquarters. But while I want to assist struggling schools, I also want to work on spreading this organization across the U.S. because hunger exists in every state and every city. With all of this, I am excited for the time I have with CKP and am proud to say I am part of The Campus Kitchens Project team.

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