2018 Video Launch Grant Competition

This semester’s Launch Grant Competition has wrapped up and the CKP team could not be happier to congratulate all three schools on their efforts during the competition and award a $5,000 grant to 3 schools. With 1,685 votes, first place went to The University of Southern Maine. Second place was awarded to Utah State University, and third place was won by The College of Saint Elizabeth.

This competition offered a bonus prize, $1,000 to the first-place team and $500 to the second-place team to help develop and implement a Beyond The Meal Program at their Campus Kitchen. This Launch Grant competition chose to add a special prize to help these schools launch Beyond The Meal Programs to shed light on the importance of the issue of poverty. By developing programs that help break the cycle of poverty, our hope is to truly fight hunger. The meals that Campus Kitchens volunteers create out of recovered food are impactful by themselves, to add a Beyond The Meal Program, truly represents the mission of The Campus Kitchens Project.

The Campus Kitchens Project has opened my eyes to the world of food insecurity, and especially non-profits.

The University of Southern Maine will be the network’s first Campus Kitchen in the state of Maine. They have worked closely with Sodexo, their dining services provider, to make a plan to address hunger as it exists in Portland, Maine. Similarly, Utah State University will be the network’s first Campus Kitchen in the state of Utah. While Logan is a rural community. The planning team has rallied the support of the community and already found food donors from restaurants close to the campus to supplement the donations received from their generous dining service. College of Saint Elizabeth will be our third Campus Kitchen in New Jersey. The planning team is made up of students and faculty who were able to make a plan to integrate the Campus Kitchen into the existing dietetics curriculum.

The road to qualifying for the Launch Grant Competition involves gaining support from students, the school’s administration, a faculty advisor, dining services, and a community partner. Each of the teams this year has worked tirelessly to get in qualifying documents and outline what their Campus Kitchen will look like. These 3 new Campus Kitchens will launch in the Fall 2018 semester. If you’d like to learn more about the qualification process or how to start a Campus Kitchen at your school, please email Alex Peterson(apeterson@campuskitchens.org). Thank you to our sponsors, CoBank and the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, for making this competition possible!

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