Why I’ll be voting: Aubree Pierce

Voting means something to me. Why? Voting is not only a way for my voice to be heard, but it is a way to hold representatives accountable for their actions. I vote to fight for the things that I believe in. I vote because I am an active member of my community. I vote to change and improve my community. I vote to practice my right as an American citizen to have a say in who represents me.  

I have been involved with non-profit organizations focused on hunger relief and food recovery for the past 4 years, and I have seen first-hand the effects of the systemic issues that lead to hunger and poverty. One in seven Americans are food insecure while 40% of food is being thrown away. Families are struggling to put enough food on the table, and children, seniors, and disabled individuals are affected the most. No, voting won’t fix these problems overnight, but your vote will determine who makes decisions regarding needed changes and improvements to our food system.  

Having representatives who understand and care about alleviating hunger and food waste in office can lead to significant change. Can you imagine a world where hunger and food waste are no longer daunting problems in our society? Your vote is one more step to making that dream a reality.  

Midterm elections can completely change what the next few years look like, so your vote this election season is incredibly important. Get ready for the midterm elections by registering to vote and by getting to know the candidates in your district.

Guest post written by: Aubree Pierce
Aubree is the Regional Program Specialist for the West and is based in Denver, CO. 
Photo: Aubree Pierce, pictured on the right, with Montana State University student, Hadley B., left, helping recover would be wasted food from local grocery stores to go to the BoB campus food pantry. 

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