Community Dinners at Gonzaga University

As you walk into the rec room of the O’Malley Senior Center on any Thursday afternoon, you will hear buzzing conversation, a student playing the piano, and the warm sound of the building of community.  The Campus Kitchen at Gonzaga delivers individual meals to the residents at the O’Malley Senior Center, a subsidized senior apartment complex, every Monday and Thursday.  In addition to these meals, a community lunch is hosted in their rec room every Thursday.  Watching these lunches and listening to the conversations you can’t help but notice that the food is secondary to the community that is being cultivated.  Studies have found that this type of intentional intergenerational bonding not only decreases loneliness among seniors, it can have a profound positive impact on their health.  The benefits of the lunches are reciprocal as students often tell us it is the highlight of their week.  

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