Regional Pop up: Auraria Campus

Getting a passionate group together to discuss food waste and hunger is guaranteed to be a great time, and the pop-up at the Auraria Campus in Denver was no different. No matter how many Campus Kitchens Project (CKP) gatherings I attend, I’m always impressed by the knowledge and interest that is shown by the participants around these subjects. As one can imagine, you end up leaving with waaaay more than you expected to learn. With this year being the first time using the pop-up summit model, I was curious to see what the overall experience would be like when compared to the larger, national summits of the past. My favorite aspect of this transition was how much more personal of an experience the attendees had. There was time for discussion along with time at the end of the event for CKP staff to assist the schools with an action plan for when they get back to their universities. In true CKP fashion, sustainability was a priority and all of the food ended up in stomachs or in to-go containers, compost and recycling were offered, and waste was minimal. The turnout was great, the presenters did an amazing job, and those that were in attendance were super engaging. What else can you wish for from an event like this? I can’t wait to hear about all of the success from the schools that were able to make it to the pop-up and want to thank everyone that made the event possible!

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