Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Balance Your Resources

The way that we recommend you think about it is this: there are four basic resources of a Campus Kitchen: food, space for operations, clients, and volunteers. Think of them as four parts of a balanced scale. Your job is to try to make them all even and then eventually to keep them all growing. To start, you will need to identify your limiting factor, or the component that you have the least of. For example, if you’ve got tons of food, plenty of kitchen space and hundreds of people who need food, but only eight total volunteers, then your limiting factor is volunteers. If you feel that you have only enough volunteers to serve 50 meals a week, then that’s where you start. So you have eight volunteers; enough food for 50 meals a week, and a meal recipient that has 50 or fewer folks to feed. Then, as you grow and have 20 volunteers, you can increase the number of meals and the number of people they’re delivered to. Find what limits your plan the most, and start from there. You can always grow more in the future.

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