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Student Testimonials

Comments from students across the country:

“After volunteering for a while I realized how important what we do is for the community and the environment combined, we are changing the way America deals with food one meal at a time.”

“I can’t be happy full when others are hungry.”

“I gained skills and learned lessons that I couldn’t in a classroom.”

“Campus Kitchens has had a huge impact on my life, and I know it is positively impacting my community as well.”

“Volunteering at CKSLU has been the most empowering volunteer experience of my life.”

“I thought it was a good cause to reduce waste while at the same time volunteering time for others. I wanted to make good use of my time and contribute to the community I became a part of.”

“I was in a service learning class through my major, Women’s Studies, and I was hoping to outreach more into the community and really help those in the community that I lived in. I think that if you are fortunate enough to live a comfortable life you should make it a point to help those reach a similar comfort level who may not be able to attain it on their own.”

“I am able to effectively and accurately serve my community. I learn more about the community, its issues, people, and opportunities through this organization than any other I currently serve.”

“I used poverty as a blame system. I had a complete change of heart, and realized that people are not in control of what happens to them sometimes, and all I can do is help them. I love volunteering every Wednesday and it’s my favorite thing of the week.”

“Campus Kitchens is an incredibly sustainable, smart organization. Plus, it’s a ton of fun.”

“It is such a simple idea but one of immense power and positive change.”

“If I wasn’t involved with Campus Kitchens and just did the normal college thing and even got straight A’s, I still would have had trouble getting a job. I took on different opportunities through Campus Kitchens, and created for myself opportunities you can’t learn in the classroom. Campus Kitchens has helped with my job interviews because it provided real world experience, more than just classroom experience. I started working the day after graduation.”

“I have gained skills as a leader, as well as skills in fundraising for the organization. I would like to work with non-profits when I graduate, so this is a great skill to have.”

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