Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Letter of Intent (Contract)



Each Campus Kitchen must sign a contract agreement between their school and The Campus Kitchens Project to officially join our network. The person who signs this agreement from your school must have signatory power representing the school at large (typically an administrator such as Dean of Students, President or VP level staff). Typically, your school’s legal department will also need to review the contract before it is signed.

If you are participating in a Grant Competition you will need to have your school review the contract below and sign the Letter of Intent, indicating that if your school was to win the competition they would be able to sign our contract without delay. When you school is ready to launch your Campus Kitchen, that same administrator must sign your final contract.

If you are NOT participating in a Grant Competition, feel free to use this document below as a reference when talking to your school administrators, but we will send you a final contract when they are ready to sign it.

Contract with Letter of Intent:




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