Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Example Structure 3

The Campus Kitchen at Northwestern University:

Basic LT with no separation in duties

Responsibilities of LT Member:

  • Shift Captain: manage and run at least one shift (cooking, delivery, or food rescue) and if possible an alternating shift with other LT members.
  • Special Events: help set up and attend at least 2 events year.
  • Weekly Meetings:  attend weekly organizational dinner meetings.  Wednesday from 5:45pm – 7pm for the winter quarter at Allison Dining Hall.   First meeting starts Wednesday January 5th.  Dinner is included.
  • Van Certification: Spend an hour getting van certified through the Center for Student Involvement if you are eligible.
  • Membership Fee $5 – This will go towards buying new thermometers, the most commonly used equipment that is also the one we lose the most and towards other kitchen needs such as antibacterial wipes for the delivery bags, etc. It is also put towards the $36 that it costs for a ServSafe examination.


Expectations of LT Member:

  • Commitment: LT members are asked to serve for at least 2 quarters *can be waived under special circumstances.
  • Dedication and Priority: Campus Kitchen must be among the top priority of LT member’s extra curricular activities – you must commit to co-leading the weekly shift(s) you have signed up for.  Multiple absences will result in the removal of the CKNU Leadership Team.   
  • Understanding of the Leadership Team: LT members are much more than volunteers. This program cannot run without committed and dedicated members who work as a TEAM.


The LT is not only responsibilities and “jobs.” There will be a lot of accomplishments, excitement, and opportunities that go along with this project. It is a great way to build your résumé, learn outside of the classroom, meet people, have fun, feel like you did something GREAT, and really make a difference. 

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