Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Example Structure 2

The Campus Kitchen at Washington University in St. Louis:

Separate Leadership Team Roles


LT Positions for New and Returning Applicants

Programming Coordinator

  • Reserves space for events
  • Organizes events to raise hunger awareness and volunteerism in the WU community
  • Organizes events to increase the livelihood of shelter clientele (nutritional awareness, youth tutoring)
  • Continues to plan existing events (Trick or Treat for Cans, Homelessness Awareness Week, Holiday Dinner)
  • Writes Formal event plans and post-event write-ups

Budget Manager

  • Works with other CKLT members to plan yearly budget and apply for semester-based SU funding
  • Seeks and apply for outside grant funding
  • Works with Programming Coordinator to plan fundraising events

Publicity Coordinator

  • Coordinating publicity duties for other CKLT members
  • Prepare publication materials for events

◦     Advertising special events to the WashU community

◦     Recruiting new members (at activity fairs, etc) to volunteer

◦     Making Campus Kitchens more visible on campus


  • Handles documentation accumulated in operations
  • Sends out the Weekly Update
  • Takes notes at weekly meeting and emails out to LT
  • Updates website as needed

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Maintains schedule of regular volunteers for each cooking shift
  • Handles signups for shifts by student groups and first time volunteers
  • Arranges “on-call” volunteers for time sensitive work (ex. moving and receiving food donations)
  • Plans and runs Volunteer Trainings

LT Positions recommended for Returning lt or shift captains

            (However anyone may apply)


  • Establishes and maintaining relationships with other student groups (ASAP, Habitat, Overflow,APO, Frats, Sororities, etc.)
  • Serves as a liaison to donor agencies
  • Handles clientele relations and feedback
  • Organize church and community outreach

Staffing Coordinator

  • Trains student Shift Captains
  • Meets biweekly with Shift Captains and relays feedback to the LT
  • Fills in as emergency Shift Captain
  • Recruits volunteers from outside WUSTL undergraduate student body
  • Handles LT and shift captain recruitment
  • Serves as proctor for ServSafe testing

Logistics and Operations Coordinator

  • Inventories food and equipment
  • Manages kitchen operations
  • Handles liability needs
  • Purchases supplies from Restaurant Depot as needed

Food Procurement Coordinator

  • Coordinates food pickup on- and off-campus
  • Maintains relationships with food donation agencies

◦     Reaches out to new sources of produce and protein as needed

  • Plans meals each week
  • Works with Dining Services for new techniques and training

President (must have served on LT to apply)

  • Coordinates and runs LT meetings
  • Keeps open communication with community partners
  • Serves as a connection between Student Union and student group
  • Serves as a resource for information and guidance to the exec board
  • Communicates with CK advisors

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