Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Leadership Team Constitution

1. Each member of the Leadership Team will be responsible for heading at least one shift per week, maintaining contact with their shift volunteers, and fulfilling a specialized role within the Leadership Team. Each kitchen may have variation in role designation but should include managers for volunteer recruitment, fundraising, financial administration, and special event coordination that call upon the members of the Leadership Team and volunteer base to accomplish the goals of the Campus Kitchen.

2. Each shift is to be headed by at least one Leadership Team member named shift captain who is to act as the primary point person, to be reviewed as student schedules change at the end of each quarter or semester. With the help of the intern or the Coordinator, the shift captain is responsible for finding a replacement in case of an absence.

3. Leadership Team members agree to fulfill a one-year term on the Leadership Team. Each member will meet with the Coordinator for a semester review to discuss previous accomplishment and future endeavors. Additionally, each Leadership Team member will identify and train a replacement, with the support of the Coordinator, upon leaving the Leadership Team.

4. The format of a Leadership Team meeting will consist of each Leadership Team member providing an update on the their weekly shift and their specialized role. The Coordinator will be present at the meeting, but the meeting will be planned and lead by the intern. One Leadership Team member, each meeting, will be in charge of writing and distributing the meeting minutes to all Leadership Team members.

5.  The Leadership Team member in charge of the respective event is the Coordinator for the event: consults resource manual, create preliminary outline for events’ success, delegates responsibilities and follow-up, evaluation of event and acknowledgement of partners, and reports back to greater network.

6. Every Leadership Team should have a Volunteer Recruitment Manager, who is in charge of delegating responsibility. Shift captains should report to volunteer recruitment manager if in need of assistance. Volunteer Recruitment manager will address the general volunteer concerns; however, shift captain will address shift specific concerns.

7. The Leadership Team continually seeks new program ideas and improvements and work with the Coordinator to develop and implement them. The Leadership Team will be responsible to share relevant information with other Leadership Teams and the greater network. Coordinator can also bring ideas to the Leadership Team.

8. The Leadership Team will receive comprehensive training in shift leadership, shift paperwork, and targeted shift specific tasks. They will also have access to a usable resource manual that facilitates the proper completion of regular operations and special roles.

9. The intern is responsible for making sure the Leadership Team upholds the constitution, therefore increasing CKP efficiency. The intern is an integral part of the Leadership Team by planning agendas and acting as an intermediary between the Leadership Team and the Coordinator. Along with upholding Leadership Team responsibilities the intern will focus on implementing a new sustainable initiative into CKP and stay in communication with other interns.

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