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LT Structures



There are many different ways to structure your Leadership Team for your Campus Kitchen. Many choose to separate their LT into many different specific roles with specific duties and responsibilities. Below you will find three different examples of current Campus Kitchens, each with a slightly different structure. After reviewing the different LT structures, review the shift captain information to learn more about other leadership structures that can be implemented at your Campus Kitchen.

LT example 1: division of roles with specific duties

LT example 2: division categories with group leaders

Shift captain structure

Division of roles with specific duties- 

This structure divides up the Leadership Team into individual roles, where each member has a specific duty and reports to the student coordinator. This structure is good if you have many specific positions for your Campus Kitchen that might be unique to your school/program.


Click to download an example of this type of leadership structure:




Division categories with group leaders-

The leadership team structure is divided into five separate, yet interacting divisions. Each section is crucial to a functioning organization. Each division category will have a group of members with one vice president who leads the group and reports to the president or coordinator. This structure is set up to foster younger leaders within the LT.


Click to download an example of this type of leadership structure:




Shift Captains

Purpose of shift captains

The purpose of shift captains is to allow students to take on a role of responsibility in running the cooking shifts for your Campus Kitchen.  Students will take on a leadership role in the kitchen, supervising and participating in the cooking of food on a weekly basis.  They will have the opportunity to see what being part of the Campus Kitchen team is like, and will be able to provide feedback and opinions for members of the Campus Kitchens Leadership Team. Ideally, shift captains will eventually work their way up to being a part of the Leadership Team in future years.

Duties of a shift captain:

Each shift will have two shift captains facilitating cooking. This student leader will act as a responsible team leader for his or her weekly shift. This is no greater time commitment than leading one shift biweekly, but includes more responsibilities. These include:

  • Reviewing the cooking or delivery projects at the beginning of the shift
  • Checking for food supplies, prepared meals and other needed supplies for the shift
  • Taking volunteer attendance and getting contact information for new volunteers
  • Assigning cooking or delivering projects/locations to the team
  • Supervising the heating, storing and transporting of food
  • Checking temperatures on all food items
  • Ensuring that all shift tasks are completed by filling out shift checklist for each shift
  • Acting as a liaison for volunteer concerns regarding cooking, delivering, clients or procedures. Report questions and concerns to leadership team
  • Performing other duties that may arise for the shift

Expectations of shift captain:

  • Co-lead a regular shift every other week
  • Attend shift captain meetings every other week
  • Shift captains are asked to serve for the entire semester; positions may be renewed
  • Attend comprehensive training once a year (plan on most of the day)

Being a shift captain is not only about increased responsibility. It is a great way to get involved of making an exciting new opportunity available for students.  This will be a great way to learn outside of the classroom, build your résumé, meet people, have fun, feel like you did something great and really make a difference.


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