Student-Powered Hunger Relief

School Support Pitch

Where to start?

  • Typically, Campus Kitchens find a sponsoring office in the office of community service, service learning, campus ministry, sustainability or similar department. It can also fall under an academic department (nutrition/dietetics, social work, etc.)
  • The sponsoring office cannot be dining services, because they are another equally important, but separate, partner in this process.
  • An ideal sponsoring office should be an informed, active member of the campus and local community with a strong working relationship that can connect you with many partners on and off campus.
  • When choosing a sponsoring office, think about who is interested in the mission of your Campus Kitchen, and which faculty and staff are already engaged in issues like food sustainability, community engagement and leadership on campus.
  • While you can only pick one sponsoring office, remember the connections you make to potentially add individuals to your advisory board.
  • Oftentimes, speaking with higher administration officials on campus (president, provost, dean of students, etc) and getting them on board can help expedite the process and get you connected to the right people on campus.

What do I tell my school to make them see the value of a Campus Kitchen?

  • Be sure to share with them that The Campus Kitchens Project is a national nonprofit organization that is currently working on universities, college and high schools across the country and has been doing so for over 13 years.
  • Many universities and colleges have acknowledged that a commitment to service and the community is one component of a strong educational experience for students.
  • Research shows that students who are involved with Campus Kitchens:
    • Feel better equipped to serve their community
    • Have a deeper understanding of their community and its needs
    • Have more knowledge about food waste and hunger
    • Believe their experience has made a difference in their community
    • Have personally grown because of their experience
    • Will continue to serve in their community after graduation

Responsibilities of a sponsoring office

  • Provide advisory support and guidance for programming and operations.
  • Provide designated work/office space for the Campus Kitchen (can be shared).
  • Allow use of necessary technology (phone, computer, copy machine, etc.).
  • Assistance in navigating university policies related to money, budgeting and fundraising.
  • Allow use of school’s nonprofit status for the Campus Kitchen program.
  • Help the Campus Kitchen apply to be a recognized student organization on campus.
  • Assistance in establishing an on-campus bank account for receiving donations and paying expenses.
  • Sign grant contracts/and or licensing agreements (or find someone on campus who is able to do that).

Printable school support pitch:



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