Aubree Pierce

Aubree joined the CKP team in August 2018. After studying food systems through her master’s program at UNC Asheville, Aubree served two terms with AmeriCorps VISTA. She helped launch a food pantry in Montana and worked with a culinary job training program in Alaska. She has also worked in donor relations, food policy, and community organization. Her favorite thing about CKP is that it creates lasting change through empowering students. Aubree enjoys cooking and hiking.

The Power of Community
I feel as though I must begin this blog post by acknowledging that there are still at least 700 cases of separated families. It does
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Why I’ll be voting: Aubree Pierce
CKP Staff GOTV Updates
Voting means something to me. Why? Voting is not only a way for my voice to be heard, but it is a way to hold
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