Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Types of Meal Recipients

There are two kinds of meal recipients: individual clients and congregate clients. Here’s how they’re different:

  • Individual Clients: Meals are typically packaged in individual meal containers and are delivered week to week to the same person at their house or an agency. Individual clients must:
  1. Be referred to the Campus Kitchen for services through a Social Worker or a Case manager who regularly supports the clients needs.With the safeguard of a social worker or case manager, the Campus Kitchen can be assured of the clients’ safety and that the Campus Kitchen can notify someone if there is a concern with the client.
  2. Have the facilities (microwave or stove) to reheat Campus Kitchen meals or meal can be consumed cold.
  3. Have the facilities to store the meals if not consumed immediately (refrigerator)
  4. Will be home during the two-hour window that the Campus Kitchen delivers meals
  5. Live in a neighborhood that is safe for volunteers to visit
  6. Do not have significant dietary restrictions
  • Congregate Clients: Meals are typically packaged in large “hotel pans” that hold enough for 10 – 30 people, and are delivered to an agency and served “family style.” Congregate clients must:
  1. Have an operational Kitchen that is licensed by the local health department
  2. Have a sink for food preparers to safely wash hands
  3. Have parking available for Campus Kitchen volunteers
  4. Have table service (plates, silverware, and napkins for meals to be served)
  5. Will be available during the designated time that the Campus Kitchen will deliver meals
  6. Are located in a neighborhood that is safe for volunteers to visit
  7. Can accept meals that have varied menus: A client can be promised a protein, starch, vegetable, and dessert. Because meals are created from donated food products, clients who want/need a specific menu established 1 week before meal delivery may not be a good fit for Campus Kitchen meals.


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